Doesn’t look good for that Fat Guy’s hot dog.  And “cheerleader uniform”?  Say no more.  

“Fourth and Inches” sees the guys get in too deep when it comes to gambling, and the latest redacted script page has leaves more questions than answers.  

I guess that’s kind of the point.  Hey, you know what else has points?  Gambling spreads.  We just went full circle on y’all.  BOOM.

Put on your eye black and send the blitz when Workaholics goes “Fourth and Inches” this Wednesday at 10/9 CT, only on Comedy Central.

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Sleep tight; don’t let the DeMamp bugs bite!


His veinsssss. 


Still one of my favorite all time moments.


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Blake is my lover


Click the gif to watch the Workaholics guys trip balls and thwart crime in the full episode of “Office Campout,” available now to stream for free.

New episodes return next year.

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